Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

The principal at Lincoln Middle School is planning a field trip for her 8th grade graduating class to visit UC Berkeley and Stanford University. She arranges for two coach buses to transport 40 students and 10 chaperones on the trip. They will visit the UC Berkeley campus one day for a student-led walking tour, followed by lunch at the student union. The cost per bus is $450 for the 5 hour charter. The next day they tour the Stanford campus and attend an information session at the Admissions Office. Again, the cost per bus is $450 for 5 hours, plus team tip. With both charter buses for two days, the total transportation cost is $1,800. The cost per student works out to be $45 for comfortable, direct transportation to these world class university campuses.

Example #2:

One of our most popular services is providing transportation for corporate retreats and events. For example, we recently provided services for an organization hosting a 3-day leadership conference at a resort in Hayward. They needed transportation for 75 attendees staying at various hotels in the area. We provided shuttle service starting at 7AM each morning to bring attendees from their hotels to the conference venue. The shuttles ran continuously until 9PM each evening to bring people back to their hotels after dinner events. For this conference, we charged $350 per hour given the large group size and continuous service needs. With 11 hours of service per day for 3 days, the total came to $11,550. With a 5% tip, the grand total was $12,128. Having reliable, high-end transportation allowed the organization to provide a seamless experience for their conference. Our services eliminated parking challenges at the venue and simplified logistics for their attendees. The organization was very pleased with the service we provided.

Example #3:

The Hayward High School football team is traveling to play their rivals this Friday night. The game is an away game that requires a 2 hour bus ride, so the athletic director books transportation. He gets a quote from our Hayward Party Bus Company for a 56 passenger coach bus with TVs, WiFi, and leather seats. The rental period will be 4pm-12am to allow for traffic and post-game team dinner. The quote comes out to $360 per hour x 8 hours = $2,880. With the 10% tip added on, the total cost will be $3,168. Dividing by the 40 players, 5 coaches, and 10 cheerleaders, the cost per person is only $47. This premium coach bus will allow the team to travel in style and comfort as they head to the big rivalry game this Friday night. Go Hayward High!

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from Hayward want to take a day trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting. They decide to book a 14-passenger minibus that can pick them up at 9am in Hayward and take them up to Napa, wait for them at each winery, and return them back to Hayward by 6pm. The total duration of the rental is 9 hours. With the base rate of $250 per hour and a minimum of 5 hours, the cost comes out to $1,250. With a tip of 15% for exemplary service, the total cost is $1,437. The friends split the total cost, so each person pays around $144 for a full day of transportation to Napa Valley wineries.

Example #5:

Maria and James are getting married in Hayward. They expect 150 guests and have booked a popular wedding venue. Since the venue has limited parking, they decide to rent a minibus shuttle service. This allows guests to park at an offsite lot and be transported to the venue. For the day of the wedding, they book a 25 passenger minibus for 10 hours, from 2 PM to midnight. The hourly rate is $250. With the base rate plus applicable taxes and fees, their total minibus rental costs $2,800. Maria and James tip 10% at $280 for exceptional service. The minibus shuttle makes transportation smooth and stress-free on their special day. Their guests enjoy the convenience while Maria and James enjoy peace of mind.

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